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FACTSHEET Accolade FUND SICAV plc Sub Fund Accolade Industrial Fund

Performance of shares since 30/09/2014 until 31/03/2019

CZK Shares 70,38 %
EUR Shares 80,11 %


ACCOLADE FUND SICAV p.l.c whose registered office is situated at Vision Exchange Building, Territorials Street, Mriehel, Birkirkara, BRK 3000, Malta was registered in Malta on 15th July 2014 with registration number SV 322 and is licensed by the MFSA in terms of the Investment Services Act as a collective investmentscheme. The Company was incorporated as a multi-fund public limited liability company with variable share capital for indefinite duration. As at the date hereof, the Company is in the process of offering Investor shares in one Sub-Fund - Accolade Industrial Fund.


Registration Date: 15/07/2014

Base Currency: CZK, EUR, USD

Status: SICAV - SIF, Malta domiciled

Shares: distribution

Dealing: at least 2 times a year, usually each quartal

Lock up: 5 years

Minimum Investment: 75,000 EUR or its equivalent

Referral Fee: up to 3% of subscribed amount

Management Fee: 1% of NAV p.a. for investment higher than 740,000 EUR (ISIN: MT7000014932 / MT7000014940) 1.6% of NAV p.a for investment lower than 740,000 EUR (ISIN: MT7000018404 / MT7000018412)

Performance Fee: 20% * (G – S), where G is the Gross Asset Value per Share and S is the High Water Mark. A high water mark principle is applied.


The independent valuation of the Fund’s land assets are undertaken regularly by a commercial international real estate agency. The methology of valuation prescribed by the Fund is in accordance with RICS Valuation Standards, the acknowledged methodology for the valuation of the land assets around the globe.


The Fund’s strategy is to primarily hold a diversified portfolio of income producing Industrial Commercial properties in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria. Such Industrial Commercial properties are “A-class” properties as defined by CBRE (www.cbre.cz), which can include warehouses or manufacturing properties, or other commercial property within this definition


Fund Manager: Alter Domus Fund Services Malta Ltd. 
Independent auditor: KPMG 
Valuer: CBRE, Knight Frank 
Custodian: Česká spořitelna (part of ERSTE Group) 
Admin. Reg. & Transfer Agent: Alter Domus Fund Services Malta Ltd. 
Fund Banker: Česká spořitelna (part of ERSTE Group) 
Legal Advisor: Camilleri Preziosi 
Domiciliary: Accolade Fund SICAV plc; Birkirkara, Malta 
Tax Advisor: EY


The Accolade Fund SICAV plc. - Disclaimer: The Accolade Fund SICAV plc is a Dedicated Fund of SICAV, a Malta registered organised under Malta Law of 15th July 2014 relating to specialised investment funds (SICAV), and regulated by the “Malta Financial Services Authority” (MFSA), the Malta financial services authority. In accordance with risks associated with SICAV, the shareholders have to be “well-informed”, “institutional/professional” investors. No guarantee is given or intented as to the completeness, timeliness, or adequacy of the information provided herewith Past performacnce of any investment is not always indicative of future performance and investments are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates. The value of the fund and its shares classes are calculated without taking into account any placement or redeption fees and assuming constant reinvestments of dividends. The information given on this page does not constitute an offer nor a product recommendation it is provided for individual information purposes only. This is not a fund offering as specified by law. Such a document is obtainable free of charge at the registered office of Accolade Fund SICAV plc.