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August 2018

Accolade FUND SICAV plc
Sub Fund Accolade Industrial Fund

If not stated otherwise, the information is related to the institucional share classes (ISIN MT7000014932 a MT7000014940)

Performance of shares since inception:

CZK Shares 57.64%
EUR Shares 66.42%

Performance of shares since 31/03/2017 until 30/06/2018:

CZK Shares 15.29%
EUR Shares 18.60%

Key Facts

Registration Date: 15/07/2014

Base Currency: CZK, EUR, USD

Status: SICAV - SIF, Malta domiciled

Shares: distribution

Dealing: at least 2 times a year, usually each quartal

Lock up: 5 years

Minimum Investment: 75,000 EUR or its equivalent

Referral Fee: up to 3% of subscribed amount

Management Fee: 1% of NAV p.a. for investment higher than 740,000 EUR (ISIN: MT7000014932 / MT7000014940) 1.6% of NAV p.a for investment lower than 740,000 EUR (ISIN: MT7000018404 / MT7000018412)

Performance Fee: 20% * (G – S), where G is the Gross Asset Value per Share and S is the High Water Mark. A high water mark principle is applied.

* transaction in process

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